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  • Lifetime: 67 days
  • Monitored: 36 days
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  • Our Investment: $500.00
  • Payout Ratio: 308%
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  • Min/Max: $5 / $10000
  • Referral: 5%-3%-1%
  • Withdrawal: Manual
  • ISP HyipListers advhyipstat.com

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Investment Plan:

13% daily for 10 Business Days (Principle Included)

InREM was established in late 2017 as a special project consolidating IT, blockchain, metal market analysts and traders of the crypto-currency market for business expansion. The decision was made considering the latest technologies due to the renewing market and an increasing demand for both rare-earth metals and electric batteries manufactured from them. InREM INT LTD, which was created to accumulate funds from private investors for further investment into the extraction of rare earth metals and the production of batteries for electric vehicles. Analysts of our company made a projection according to which the investment into the extraction of rare metals should increase now, before the main automakers such as GM, Mercedes, BMW, Toyota and others have not yet faced the problem of batteries shortage for their vehicles. In view of this, our company decided to start raising funds from private investors to occupy a larger market share, and, accordingly, obtain greater profits for you and us.

Обзор проекта InREM от ROLEX

Rating Info Comment
Very Good xxxxx@tutanota.com
Jun 20th, 2018 12:55 PM
Many Thanks to inrem, i recover my money after AK47 and get the profit!!! See proof here by name doollyt On your wallet ADvancedCashUSD withdrawn 160 USD (batch: 6b4fce68d-7be0-44f3-4e8a-10ac817f48b0)
Very Good xxxxx@protonmail.com
Jun 20th, 2018 09:52 AM
This is a long run program and pays everyday guys Check out my big payment proof you will understand the profits.Hello, ToT2000! On your wallet PerfectMoney withdrawn 130 USD (batch: 218446578)
Very Good jfairspot
Jun 20th, 2018 09:20 AM
First payment from INREM received. Hello, jfairspot! On your wallet *@gmail.com AdvancedCashUSD withdrawn 5.2 USD (batch: 02c0e164-e6fa-4e1f-8f50-d46e5d9fec34)
Very Good Tandem
Jun 20th, 2018 06:23 AM
Платит! The amount of 2.6 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U15243453->U870***. Memo: API Payment. Invoice 15787, Tandem.. Date: 07:14 20.06.18. Batch: 218448618.
Very Good xxxxx@hotmail.com
Jun 20th, 2018 05:32 AM
INREM withdraw as usually (login: Bora batch: 587140077 amount: 134 USD) Admin, live long for you!
Very Good xxxxx@gmail.com
Jun 19th, 2018 12:35 PM
Inrem paying. Good thing I found Inrem)) On your wallet ADvancedCashUSD withdrawn 102.6 USD (login topgotts batch: 77ac3b1a-ce4a-42a1-8320-23b65e703a88)
Very Good xxxxx@outlook.com
Jun 19th, 2018 11:47 AM
Inrem paying. On your wallet ADvancedCashUSD withdrawn 164 USD (batch: 50fe1ece-6d07-47d1-933d-ddb0ef89479f) best project on today
Very Good xxxxx@protonmail.com
Jun 19th, 2018 11:19 AM
INREM paying always on time! On your wallet ADvancedCashUSD withdrawn 112 USD (batch: 87fd42e4-44fd-4f96-854a-d2b4d8a37472)
Very Good xxxxx@gmail.com
Jun 19th, 2018 05:39 AM
I going on second round. You have deposit #1337 on 500 USD AdvancedCashUSD login dkol4125 proof on the INREm statistics. butch 86bd3a91-1255-45ab-969b-9d90a36acf11
Very Good kirpich2
Jun 17th, 2018 08:45 PM
депозит в INREM deposit #1253 on 50 USD PerfectMoney butch 218232899 рефбек должен порадовать
Very Good sergazik
Jun 17th, 2018 07:34 PM
Inrem - Your balance is increased by 49 USD PerfectMoney а рефбек 11$ - это не плохо
Very Good kronritha
Jun 17th, 2018 04:28 PM
mMy deposit Inrem 20$ refback is good - 30%!!!!
Very Good allchswndr
Jun 17th, 2018 01:25 PM
Add funds State Complete request refback - pending Date today 13:21 Payment system AdvancedCashUSD Amount 20.00 USD Payeer account allchswndr@gmail.com Batch-number 6285b30b-b5ee-490d-96ef-f64bb2413fa6
Very Good hnrwlsn007
Jun 17th, 2018 01:05 PM
My deposit in INREM. hnrwlsn007 You have deposit #1230 on 20 USD AdvancedCashUSD Batch-number 529a2785-35d1-438f-b519-76379851ad65
Very Good xxxxx@outlook.com
Jun 16th, 2018 01:18 PM
I invest in INREM not the first time, the real profit has already more $1000. Today made a new deposit. Proof is here login troyby You have deposit #14126 on 500 USD PerfectMoney Batch-number 218191591
Very Good xxxxx@hotmail.com
Jun 14th, 2018 04:41 PM
INREM paying! Admin tnx! live long! Withdraw Complete Date today 12:25 User jeseb Payment system PerfectMoney Amount 104.00 USD Batch-number 216297983
Very Good xxxxx@protonmail.com
Jun 14th, 2018 04:23 PM
I beieve the Admin, withdrawal all profit! Make a second deposit 200$ Add Fund state Complite Date today 14:01, user Neo, Batch-number 217926686, Amount 200.00 USD
Very Good xxxxx@gmail.com
Jun 14th, 2018 02:47 PM
Inrem paying! Good admin! Withdraw Complete Date today 14:10 Payment system AdvancedCashUSD Amount 105 USD Payee account *@gmail.com Batch-number 2119d45d-b51a-4b00-8b0c-3d4a23f5f011 Memo Invoice #13074
Very Good xxxxx@gmail.com
Jun 14th, 2018 06:04 AM
Date: 14.06.2018 08:59:22 ID: 591538575 Details: P92984421 → P77512488 Amount: 2.57 USD Comment: Invoice #12549, kornev1981
Very Good Beintop
Jun 13th, 2018 01:21 PM
INREM paying! Admin tnx! live long! Withdraw Complete Date today 12:25 Batch-number 216297983
Very Good r161267
Jun 9th, 2018 09:56 AM
мой депозит 20$
Very Good xxxxx@outlook.com
Jun 7th, 2018 01:12 PM
INREM PAYING! Withdraw Complete Date today 12:14 User bad777 Payment system AdvancedCashUSD Amount 130.00 USD Batch-number b6d03a9f-2d80-4ea5-9301-e6d480ea5482
Very Good xxxxx@gmail.com
Jun 7th, 2018 01:05 PM
Deposit! 06.06.18 19:42 Account Transfer -10.00 Sent Payment: 10.00 USD to account U15243453 (inrem) from U8728929. Batch: 217230945. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Invoice 9185, Xo4yMHoroDeHer.
Very Good xxxxx@gmail.com
Jun 7th, 2018 08:24 AM
Отличный проект! Сам только вложился, но многим уже платит!
Very Good lyoha2711
May 21st, 2018 08:35 AM
Платит! 21 May, 11:28 Внутренняя транзакция API Transaction ID: c7449d28-65f8-4f41-8d25-064a26f1cb51 От: companyinvest@protonmail.com Сумма: 1.30 USD Примечание: Invoice #2386, lyoha2711

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