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Insurance Rules

The projects which are eligible for insurance will be updated in our home page and all social places.

Insurance term.
- You must be our referral to Submit insurance Compensation request.
- Before submit your registration form kindly check your upline carefully.
- Compounding is NOT allowed while the insurance is active.
- kindly notice that only the investments deposited after the insurance plan is published are eligible for insurance.
- If program have both plan "DAILY PLAN - AFTER PLAN" so kindly choose DAILY PLAN for your safty and Do not cheat by creating multiple accounts to receive insurance.

Compensation Policy.
- The insurance does not guarantee 100% of your investment to be returned back, the total insurance amount will be divided to all investors.
- The maximal coverage of refund is 100$ per user. Only this limit will be taken into calculation.
- For example: The insurance for "ACB project" was 1000$ and there were 5 investors for this project with the following net lose:
+ Username1: 110$
+ Username2: 200$
+ Username3: 300$
+ Username4: 450$
+ Username5: 80$
In this case, we will divide the insurance to these 5 investors and pay back as below:
+ Username1: 100$
+ Username2: 100$
+ Username3: 100$
+ Username4: 100$
+ Username5: 80$
in this calculation there is $480 insurance was shared remining $520 will be back to program admin.
Important: The input to calculate insurance is
(Investment - RCB withdrawn = Net Lose)

application privecy
- check status of the project in our website before submit insurance application. If the status is already changed to NOT PAYING, than you can submit request insurance.
-Insurance request must be submitted within 72 HOURS after the project status is changed to PROBLEM or NOT PAYING, late after 72 hours, non-referrals, or none lose users request will be not accepted and it will rejected.
-kindly visit insurance form and fill it with all require information to find out your net lose.
- Insurance funds will be share within 3 days after program stop paying to users.